40YARDS - for the love of football

The pulse is racing. The crowd goes wild. The stadium reaches a level louder than a jet engine. Total focus on the next play. Time seems to stand still for a moment and then – a quick look across the field, your arm backwards and then darting forward again like a catapult. There the egg flies, digging its way through the tense air yard by yard towards the end zone. Finally, the moment of salvation when the receiver catches the ball and lands with both feet on the grass. touchdown!

It is this passion for the perfect move that has been driving us for 15 years and that makes us look forward to the new season for months, at the end of which we celebrate the biggest sporting event in the world. It almost doesn't matter to us which team is fighting for the ring. Since 2019, 40YARDS has been developing American Football products for fans who share this passion with us and for whom September to February is the best time of the year.

With our American Football fan articles we create the perfect football experience. Whether stylish football beer glasses to toast, large football mugs for that extra kick of coffee, cool football snack bowls, baking tins in true-to-scale football design or cuddly soft field socks - the 40YARDS shop has numerous gadgets ready for the perfect TV evening and beyond, in proper style, of course, in an American football look! All products are designed in Germany and designed for you with a lot of love for what is probably the best sport in the world, so that you are optimally prepared for the next kickoff. Let's go - we're ready!

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